Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions of enrolment before joining the Academy. These rules apply to all pupils, including those who currently attend classes.



1. Fees and Payment


a)  Fees are calculated on a termly basis and reviewed annually. Payment is due during the first two weeks of term and any fees not paid after this date              

     will result in a 10% fee being added. Failure to pay in line with these terms will result in the student being excluded from class until full payment is received. 

b)  Students are expected to attend all classes and an invoice will be raised for the whole term.

c)  Fees will only be pro rata when a student starts during a term.

d) The Academy reserves the right at any time during the term to ask students to leave a class if any fees remain outstanding.

2. Discounts

a)  Where a pupil attends 3 or more classes a week a 10% discount will be added to the termly invoice.

b)  The discount will be reversed if payment is not received in accordance with Clause 1a.

3. Late Payment

            The payer will receive written notice if payment has not been received in accordance with these terms and conditions.

4. Missed Lessons

a)If the teacher is unavailable to give any scheduled lesson, and a supply teacher cannot be arranged, the lesson will be carried forward to another date. There will be no reduction in fees for lessons missed by the pupil.

b) If a lesson(s) is cancelled due to a health epidemic, extreme weather or any other unforeseen event, no refund will be given. Classes will me made up where possible at a later date.


5. Notice to Leave

a) Half a term’s notice is required if a pupil will not be continuing with a class the following term. Failure to do so will result in half a term’s fee being charged.

           b) The Principal reserves the right to terminate any student's classes at any point throughout their training.

4. Lost Property

The school cannot undertake any responsibility for any money or articles left behind after classes.

5. Uniform

All pupils must wear the correct uniform for each class. Hair must be tied back at all times. Ballet students should endeavor to wear their hair in a bun.

6. Discipline


Pupils are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner whilst attending classes and be respectful to both teachers and fellow pupils at all times.

This will ensure the safety and well being of everyone.


7. Exams


a)  Pupils have the opportunity to be entered for IDTA and LAMDA examinations at the Principal’s discretion.

b)  All candidates must have the principal’s approval before entrance to any exam and we ask that parents and pupils respect our decisions regarding exam              entries.

c)  Examinations are not compulsory and should a pupil not wish to take an exam they are able to progress to the next grade when an acceptable standard is            reached.

d)  Examination entry may require extra lessons to which attendance is normally required. A set fee will be charged for these lessons and payment must be              made by the day of the exam.

e) Regular attendance is extremely important. If students do not attend on a regular basis then the development of the class and the individual student will be      

    affected. Exam students’ attendance will be monitored as they prepare for their examinations and assessments and students who fail to attend classes and

    additional lessons may be withdrawn.


8. Competitions and performances


            Competitions and performances are not compulsory, yet if your child has been invited to participate, and you accept, you are to show full attendance and will be              expected to attend and pay for additional classes in this subject leading up to the competition or performance date. You will be notified of these extra lessons                  with reasonable notice. Failure to attend may lead to your child not participating in the event.


9. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to silent if brought in to class.

10. Physical Contact

Parents should be aware that due to the nature of dance it is necessary for the teacher to use physical contact when training young dancers.

11. Filming & Photography


Pupils may on occasions be photographed or filmed during class and performances. By taking part in our school activities you are agreeing to this happening, unless you have otherwise informed the school in writing.


12. Complaints policy/procedure


We are always keen to hear feedback from students and parents/guardians and we value new ideas and input. In the event of a complaint from a pupil or parent we encourage them to speak to the principal where every effort to resolve the complaint will be met.

13. Acceptance of these terms


            Your payment, and your child’s attendance of the classes, act as your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above. It is your responsibility to regularly check the                     terms and conditions, as they may alter from time to time. We advise you read the term and conditions before each new termly payment.




Rosy Thompson Academy of Dance reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

September 2019