15 April 2021

IDTA Exam Results – Michaelmas 2020

After a year of missed exam sessions we were delighted to be able to hold two IDTA exam sessions via Zoom in November and December 2020. Our pupils have been working hard both online and in person to learn new grade work and prepare for these exams and it really shows in the amazing results they achieved.

In November 2020 seven of our Grade 3 Tap pupils took their exam gaining 5 Distinctions and 2 Merits with marks ranging from 83-87. We also had two of our younger pupils take their Grade 2 Ballet and Grade 1 Tap exams gaining Distinctions in both with marks ranging from 85-90, fantastic results for work learnt solely over Zoom.

In December 2020 we held 2 large exam sessions simultaneously using our two venues on Portland Place and Harley Street. During these sessions pupils took exams in the following;

Preparatory Modern Jazz            Primary Ballet

Grade 1 Modern Jazz                    Grade 3 Ballet

Grade 4 Modern Jazz                   Grade 4 Ballet

Primary Tap                                    Grade 5 Ballet

Grade 2 Tap                                     Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate Tap                           Advanced 1 Ballet

We were absolutely thrilled to receive the results from these exam sessions and blown away by what our pupils have achieved. Out of 58 entries we had 90% gain a Distinction and all marks ranged from 82-94. We also had 4 nominations for the prestigious IDTA Theatre Dance Awards held at Manchester’s Northern College of Music every year, these nominations were;

Daisy Miller – Advanced 1 Ballet

Daisy Miller – Intermediate Tap

Stephanie Wells – Intermediate Tap

Coco Chung – Grade 5 Ballet

Special mention must also go to Amelie Akhabaeva and Christina Croft who entered a total of 5 examinations across 3 dance styles in just 2 months, gaining Distinctions in all, and Erin Cheeseman who took her Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz examinations in one day and gained a Distinction in all 3.

After a challenging year spent on and off of Zoom and introducing new safety measures into our in person classes, our pupils have shown that they can take it all in their stride and still excel. We are so proud of everyone who entered and thrilled with the results which are the product of a lot of hard work and determination. We are now looking forward to working on new syllabi with all of these pupils as well as preparing some of our other classes for another exam session in early 2021.