27 May 2019

British Arts Awards 2019

This year we offered our students their first opportunity to compete group and solo pieces in a national competition, the British Arts Awards. From January – May 2019 we competed in a local preliminary round, a regional Semi-Finals and a national Finals at The Polish Theatre, London where we came home with the Senior Novice Ballet and Baby Ballet champions, two amazing achievements for their first ever competitions.

In total we had 17 entries compete in our preliminary round hosted at Queen’s College, London and adjudicated by a visiting British Arts Awards judge. Parents and family were invited to watch our students perform and of our 17 entries who all performed exceptionally well, 12 were successful in gaining places at the regional Semi Finals.

We had 8 soloists and 4 group pieces travel to our regional Semi-Final and compete over 2 days. This was an amazing experience for our students to travel, and be inspired by students of a similar age from several other schools. This was also the first time our students have performed on any stage other than our local at Queen’s College, London and in a competition setting nonetheless, they all acted extremely professionally and took everything in their stride. We were delighted that at the end of these 2 days we had 8 pieces shortlisted for the finals; 

Shortlisted for Finals 

Christina Croft – Baby Ballet
Coco Chung – Junior Ballet
Daisy Miller – Senior Ballet
Maddie Halil – Advanced Modern
Lilia Bentley – Intermediate Song
Intermediate Jazz ‘Run Boy Run’
Junior Group Song ‘School of Rock’
Senior Musical Theatre ‘Sing Sing Sing 

The National Finals were held at London’s Polish Theatre in May 2019 and we had 3 pieces successfully reach the Finals; Daisy Miller, Christina Croft and our Senior Musical Theatre piece ‘Sing Sing Sing’. To reach the finals was an exceptional achievement, topped only by Daisy Miller winning the Senior Novice Ballet category and Christina Croft winning the Baby Ballet category. Our ‘Sing Sing Sing’ girls also performed absolutely brilliantly with more energy and precision than we had ever seen, certainly a finals worthy performance. 

Our first competition season couldn’t have gone much better and we are extremely proud of all of our students who took part, the extra hours they put into rehearsals and attending these competitions was well rewarded with their fantastic performances and memory making experiences. Hopefully the first of many competition seasons to come for us!