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Erum Stefan

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful Easter workshop. Amani could have gone every day. You have been such an inspiration and help to her in building her confidence.

The Musical Theatre has given her the biggest smile on her face and confidence to shine. She loves it - she wants to be a singer, dancer or artist when she grows up and because of you I'm sure the day she hits 8 years old, she'll be ready to audition for Matilda!

Thank you again for bringing my daughter's hidden talent for musical theatre to the forefront. You have been amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a positive role model and influence on her.

Paola De Carolis

Thank you so much for giving us parents the opportunity to see what the girls have been doing. I was quite shocked to see how good you all were and how much was achieved in such a short time. The show was fabulous and the smiles on all those little faces were heartwarming!

Joanna Chang

It was lovely to see such a polished performance last Friday. Amelia loved the holiday workshop and is really enjoying her dance and loves the addition of Musical Theatre. She takes it very seriously.

I was pleased Pippa came with me, she wispered to me not long after the performance had started that she is really looking forward to you teaching her. She could feel how passionate you are about dance.

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